Expat Stories in Russia

Teaching English in the Russian Provinces with Paul Worrow

The following article is a guest post from Paul Worrow from the United Kingdom who has taught English all over Russia. He has worked as a governor in Moscow and an English teacher in...

Working at Yandex in Moscow – Expat Stories

The following is a guest post about working at Yandex and the general Russian work culture in Moscow as an expat by Vlad Alexeyenko.  I have lived in Moscow for over 2 years now. Currently,...

Expat Stories – Jamie Roberts in St. Petersburg, Russia

Jamie used to live in the United States before moving to St. Petersburg, Russia after studying Russian back in school and university. Check out her story below! Can you tell us a little bit about...

Starting a Career in Russia – Expat Stories

The following is a guest post about starting a career in Russia as an American expat by Evan Johnson.  The first part of my career in Russia started about six months before I arrived. I...

Expat Stories in Russia – Ilya Polyakov, Antal Russia

I am Russian by blood but my mind is from somewhere else. It could be from traveling to 37 countries, growing up as an “expat-kid” in Singapore and Qatar, or working in 5 different...

Expat Stories in Russia – The Get Up & Get Out Podcast

The following is a guest post from The Get Up & Get Out Podcast w/ Steve Krisel. It is a weekly podcast where he interviews expats who tell their stories of coming to Russia....

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