Introduction to Ukraine

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, and it’s regions are a land of vast extremes.  From heavy industrial centers to mountains, and the sea – it has some of the most unique and beautiful landscapes in the world.  Ukraine is a country with a difficult history and it struggles with its Soviet past more than its neighbors. Its citizens speak both Ukrainian and Russian.  Or a mix of both known locally as Surzhyk. Throughout the capital and largest city, Kyiv, you will find many orthodox monasteries, churches, museums, and relics to its past under the Soviet Union, and it would take months to properly see Kyiv.  This history has made people resilient. And with that, comes a feeling of national pride. Ukrainians love Ukraine, and they want Ukraine to succeed. The youth are driving Kyiv to the forefront of the European art, music, and culinary scenes all while paying homage to their beloved homeland.  If adventure is what you’re after, head out of Kyiv and there is enough to keep you busy for ten lifetimes.

Note – In general, Ukraine is safe to travel to.  However, Crimea, Donetsk, or Luhansk regions are NOT safe to travel to.  While that holds true, the remainder of the country maintains the same safety rating as Italy and France.