International Career Consulting

We offer a range of consulting services from $50 an hour to help you come up with a plan to go abroad. We usually start with a phone call to learn about your experience, where your interests are and what type of job you are looking to find. Once we understand your situation we will come up with a detailed action plan, which can be implemented immediately. In your tailored action plan, we highlight companies that are likely interested in foreign talent, potential networking contacts, local networking events to attend, networking email templates, visa/residency recommendations, assistance in obtaining housing, etc.

If you are interested in talking to us about international career consulting options, you can contact us at

Residency Consulting

Depending on the country in which you are looking to obtain residency, we have a range of legal service providers to provide you with the best options. Currently, we provide comprehensive assistance in obtaining residence permits and long-term visas for the following countries: Russia, Ukraine.

More will be added as we receive requests and expand our network of legal service providers around the world.

If you would like information about costs associated with residency or long term visas in one of the countries listed above, please reach out to us at