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Welcome to Expatriant Career Consulting

Our mission is to help you make your dream of working abroad a reality and make your job search in another country easy.

We are a group of professionals with extensive experience job searching and working abroad in many different industries.

Our passion is to share our experience working abroad to help mentor others so that they can achieve their international career goals.

Expert Advice from Real Expats

Chat with professionals who have many years of experience working abroad. We know that our advice is valuable, but our consultants are looking for a conversation, we want to hear what you want to do with your career abroad.


We provide all of our clients with a bespoke international job search strategy that includes all aspects of job searching abroad. Everything we provide is customized to each individual client.

We Welcome All Career Levels

We firmly believe that it doesn’t matter if you have 20 years of experience or you just graduated from college, working abroad is possible for everyone.

What We Do

We walk you through the entire process of searching for jobs abroad. Our consultants are experts in understanding the difficulties that people face in searching for a job abroad. We begin by looking at your skills and industry experience and how those line up with the opportunities in your desired country. Then we come up with a networking strategy together to get you in front of the decision-makers that will help you land your dream job abroad.

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Our Team

We are a team of professionals with diverse industry and international experience. The thing that unites us all is a passion for learning about the world and helping others find their passion abroad.

Our consultants have worked at top companies, including:

Brookfield, Cisco, Wix, Eversheds Sutherland,, Shearman & Sterling, and more

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