Expatriant means expatriate in Russian. Why Russian? Quite simply, Russia and Ukraine are the countries where we have spent the most time abroad.

Andrew Shannon

Expatriant Co-Founder

Lives in Ukraine.

Matt Shannon

Expatriant Co-Founder

Spent 5 years in Russia.

Living and Working Abroad is Our Passion

The idea for Expatriant came from a desire to help anyone who wants to make living abroad a reality. There are many resources, which discuss options for moving abroad and finding work to make a living. We always felt these sites were very light on the details.We know that moving abroad is complicated and we want to help. On Expatriant, you will find real actionable advice on how to move to any country. When we moved abroad, everyone said it was a waste of time and that no one would hire us. We have built careers outside of the US and there ARE opportunities! It just takes a bit of perseverance.